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Yvonne Scott, MSEC CMA
Diploma: Metaphysical and Mindfulness counselling

Member of
British Register of Complementary Practioners (BRCP)
Based in:
Chelmsford, Essex, UK

I have a very enquiring mind, after qualifying as a Counsellor I wanted to learn more about the spiritual energy that runs through us, and everything that we know.
Years of subsequent training in healing, meditation, mediumship, energy management, have all come together in how I work with people today.

What is Holistic Counselling?

Holistic counselling is not religious. A holistic counsellor is someone that considers that the individual is also made of a spiritual component. What is spiritual?  spirit is simply a nonphysical part of our being which knows more about us than our everyday consciousness.  It can also be described as a gut feeling, the true self, the higher self, higher consciousness,

Working holistically looks at the patterns and belief system of the client, investigating the influence that it has on how he or she is perceiving life, themselves, and others.

Working in this way can break down barriers that have been around for years and give a totally new outlook on life.

12 step programmes for addiction are Holistic and are often the only way an addict can free themselves from the patterns that cause them to be unable to control their actions.

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I just wanted to take the time to thank Yvonne.  Firstly, what an inspiring woman, Yvonne has had many experiences in her life that have led her to teach and work the way she does today.  I have had other counselling and although it works for some, it was to textbook for me.  Yvonne really showed me she cared how I was feeling, and I knew I was safe in her hands.  My perspective on life and the way I deal with situations is quite different now.  If you have lost your way or just need someone to listen to you, then I highly recommend Yvonne.  Myself and my family would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for how you helped me change my life.